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The Red Foxes

-= FOX=-     -=Vixen=-    -=Dreamer=-     -=Charmer=-     -=Bold=-     -=Friendly=-
-=Whisper=-     -=Plucky=-
-=Misc. Photos=-

The Blue Foxes

-=Scarface=-     -=Lady Blue=-     Ranger=-     -=Bounder=-     -=Misc. Photos=-

The Other Animals

-=Badger=-     -=Toad=-     -=Owl=-     -=Weasle=-     -=Adder=-     -=Kestrel=-    
-=Mole=-     -=The Pheasants=-      -=The Voles=-      -=The Rabbits=-     -=The Hares=-
-=The Fieldmice=-     -=The Newts=-     -=Whistler=-     -=Speedy=-     -=Hurkel=-
-=Sinuous=-     -=Bully=-     -=Spike=-     -=Brat=-     -=Dash=-     -=Shadow=-     -=Misc. Photos=-




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