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Red Fox
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Character bio's.

Season 2

Whisper was introduced in (2x10) Shadows . She was the town fox that Bold came across. Initially Whisper payed no attention to Bold. After the second time she saw him she finally came over and asked why he dose not just jump over the wall. Bold told her about his wounded leg, Though he clearly was hurt by her even talking about his injury. Whisper took pity on Bold and offered to allow him to help her hunt, Something bold jumped at. After the hunt she invited him back to her earth, because of the arrangement Bold made with Crow he declined the offer. The next day Whisper took Bold hunting again and this time when she asked if he wanted to go back to here earth Bold accepted, Crow had released him from there arrangement. Bold was glad to have a safe and warm place to sleep. While Bold tried to sleep Whisper say to Bold "Life can be hard, Especially for an old fox like you.". Bold objects to being called old saying " But I'm still just a young buck". Before (2x10) ends, Bold tells Whisper who his father is. Whisper tells Bold "But your fathers a hero" and Bold replies "Don't believe all they tell you". As the episode ends Whisper says "I'm really honored to know you Bold".

In (2x11) A Time Of Reckoning, Whisper is trapped By a dog that we will later know to be Rollo. After befriending Rollo, he shares his food with Whisper, Bold, and Crow. A short time later Rollo is tied to a bolt at his doghouse to keep him there, Whisper chews through the rope and frees Rollo.

Later on Back at Whispers earth she breaks the news to Bold that she is carrying his cubs. Whisper then tells Bold that the cubs mean that they have to leave the town. Whisper wants the cubs born somewhere safe, she wants them born in White Deer Park. Bold objects to this as he swore to never go back. Bold then makes the mistake of asking Whisper "Why did you accept me as your mate", Whisper then decimates bold by responding "Because of your father of course. My cubs will have his blood. oh I do hope they take after him'. A sad, almost tearful Bold then replies "And I though, I thought it was because you liked me". Whisper then tells bold she dose like him but her cubs come first. Bold agrees with this last part and agrees to head back to White Deer Park.

While on the trip Whisper is touched by Bold Selflessness and devotion to the cubs, she falls in love with who bold is and not just what he is. She begs for his forgiveness in forcing him to show her the way to White Deer Park. It's at this point Bold admits that "Without Help, I would have died long ago. so, perhaps there is something to be said for the oath, and animals looking after one another. My father was right."

In (2x12) Blood Is Thicker Than Water, On of the two appearances of Whisper she tells Bold how she's looking forward to meeting his Mother and Father.

In the Final episode of season 2 , (2x13)Reconciliation, Whisper and Bold reach the boarder of White Deer Park, Bold collapses and Whisper runs off to find Bold some food. While she is out Crow shows up. Bold tells crow that he got Whisper and the cubs to White Deer Park so now his job was over. He then crawls off to find a place to die. Whisper returns and is saddened that Bold has vanished. She cries for him and asks for his forgiveness, but in the end admits to herself that Bold was gone. She enters the park, never to see Bold again. Whisper first runs into Kestrel, Then into Charmer, Ranger, and Friendly. She tells them she is Bolds mate, Charmer is excited by the news and happily asks were Bold was. Whisper tells her that she did not know were Bold was, that she lost him just outside the park.

Whisper next sees Fox and Vixen. she tells them how he is very ill and just outside of the park. It's at this point Whisper admits Bold likely has gone off to die. Whisper stays behind with Friendly while Fox and Vixen head off to find Bold but before they leave Whisper tells them she is expecting Bolds cubs. Whisper is not present when Bold dies, The event that ends season 2.


Season 3

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