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Red Fox
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Character bio's.

Plucky has the honor of being the only new fox intoduced in season 3. He's the only Cub of Whisper and Bold, Something many Bold fans find unfair. Plucky is also the fastest of the foxes, able to run as fast as or faster than Dash. Sadly Plucky is a minor character in the series, he is taken away to a new park in between (3x03)Water, Water and( 3x04)The Missing Fox's Friend and spends part of season 3 there. It's not till (3x08)Scared Silly By Snakes that plucky returns to the park, but even then we only see him a few times. Upon his arrival in the park he saves Adder from the rats.

In (3x13)Bully, Bully, Bully, Fox steps down as leader of the Farthing Wood animals. He passes leadership on to Plucky and ends the season and series.














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