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Red Fox
2, 3
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Character bio's.

Season 2

Friendly was one of two Male cubs Fox and Vixen had. He is also the Only Male cub of Vixen's to have presumably survived to the end of season 3. Friendly was Born with the other cubs in (2x05) A Joke Backfires . He quickly shows Fox and Vixen he is the most loyal cub, Willing to do about anything to please them. While many view this as Cold and uncaring, Friendly is highly protective of his entire family. He best shows this in (2x07) The Feud Begins When Bold is captured by Scarface. Fox is about to head out to rescue Bold when Friendly jumps in saying "It is my duty to accompany you father".

Season 3

Sadly, Friendly was all but cut out of season 3. He appeared in only one episode the whole season, In (3x02) Out and about Friendly runs into Trey. In this episode we see a Friendly that's playful and seems very happy, Unlike most of season 2 were he rarely even smiled. Because of Friendly's absence Fox and Vixen are basically reduced to one cub, Charmer. After his last apperance in the series he is completly forgotten. No mention of Friendly ever occurs after (3x02). Even when Fox decides to step down as leader he picks Plucky as the leader, Having never even mentioned Friendly.

In a letter from Steve Walker (the writer of season 3)to FoxFan1992 on the forums Steve Explains that he was given orders to cut Friendly from season 3 along with another fox. So going by this e-mail we are lucky that friendly was even in one episode. And though I don't think steve will ever read this I would like to thank him for giving Friendly that last chance.


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