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Red Fox
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Fox´s biography.


Fox is the leader of the farthing wood animals, Though not by choice.


Season 1

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Season 2

Fox, along with the rest of the farthing wood animals, is adjusting to life in white deer park. Unfortunately The silver foxes are making life tough for every one.

Fox initially thinks his job as leader is over once they reach the park saying 'Well, They won´t need me any more', but he soon discovers this is not the case. Shortly after arriving at the park, the The Voles have a run in with Scarface, then kestrel eats mrs. field mouse, and finally adder eats an edible frog. With that it´s decided that fox will continue be the leader. Fox while not happy with this, accepts his roll as leader.


In The episode (2x05) A Joke Backfires, Vixen has her cubs, something fox is visibly proud about.


Fox is the first to find Dreamers body in (2x07) The Feud Begins. He howls alerting vixen to the problem. Though it´s not clear what cause here death, He says "This is the work of scarface". Bold ask "well it time you taught that scarfaced fox a lesson isn't it", and fox despite believing scarface had a part in it says "we mustn't jump to conclusions bold, we don´t want to start something we can´t finish". This is the event that will lead to bold leaving at the end of the episode.

Season 3

In Season 3 we see an ageing fox. He is not seen moving around as much as he did in seasons one and two. He also mentions multiple times how "he´s not getting any younger". A comparison of his voice from season one also shows a huge difference. Had the series moved on to a fourth season it´s likely fox would have died that season.


In (3x13) Bully-Bully-Bully , Fox hands over leadership of the farthing animals to his grandson Plucky. Oddly passing up his last remaining son Friendly, Who is not present at that last meeting.



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