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Red Fox
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Character bio's.

Season 2

Charmer was one of two Female cubs Fox and Vixen had. Charmer was also the only cub of vixen's we know for sure made it to the final episode. Early on Charmer and Friendly can be seen near each other often, With Dreamer somewhere in the background and Bold showing off nearby. Charmer runs into Ranger, one of scarface's cubs, in (2x08) Like Father, Like Son. At first Charmer reacts negatively toward Ranger. When Charmer wars Ranger to keep his distance he replies "Would I hurt anything so lovely". Ranger then asks for Charmers name, when she tells him he replies "I can see why" She then finds out Ranger is scarface's son, when she turns to run away Ranger asks her not to blame him as he did not choose his parents. It's obvious they both see something in one another, Something that becomes quite clear later in the episode when adder kills bounder. Charmer is quite upset at the thought that Ranger might have been the one killed.

Season 3


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