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Bold is one of two male cubs Fox and Vixen had. Bold was always very brave, willing to take on Scarface from an early age. Because of Bolds 'bold' nature he gets slapped several times by Vixen and once by Lady Blue.


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In (2x07) The Feud Begins Dreamer´s death sets off a series of events that end with Bold deciding to leave white deer park, Something that seemed to make Fox happy but that upset Vixen greatly. While outside the park Bold befriended Crow and a badger named Shadow. He ran into crow while eating a dead bird. Crow warns Bold of the hunters and how he should hide during daylight. Bold, being who he is, laughs Crow´s suggestion off and continues on his way. He next runs into Shadow when she returns to her sett and finds Bold there. She also warns Bold of the Human threat but again he dose not listen. Shadow next shows Bold the house the hunter lives in. Bold, though initially frightened by the sight of all the dead foxes, shrugs off the sight and decides to ignore what he sees.

Bold next finds Shadow caught in a trap. Bold chews through the strap freeing Shadow but injures his eye in the process. Shadow, while grateful for his help, is sad bold hurt himself in freeing her.

Bold then goes out looking for supper and while out he gets shot in the leg by hunters. While he survives being shot, he is crippled and can barely walk. He next runs into Crow, who's initial reaction to Bold injury was "That´ll teach you". Once he learns Bold is the son of Fox he becomes much more cooperative and agrees to help bold.

Shadow and Crow both help feed Bold while he heals. After a while of this bold tires of depending on others and leaves to fend for himself. While out he unsuccessfully tries to catch a vole. After this he decides to try his luck at taking a chicken from a nearby farm. He narrowly escapes the farmer and his dog by hiding in a tunnel. After this failure crow suggests he move to the town to scavenge for scraps. Crow agrees to tell Bold how to get to the town if Bold will share his spoils with him. With that Bold heads off into town.

While in town Bold meets A vixen named Whisper. At first she pays no attention to him, but when she sees him trying to dig under the gate she asks him why he doesn't just jump over the gate. Bold explains that he was shoot in the back leg and can't jump or run. Whisper offers to team up with Bold to hunt, Something Bold was glad to hear. After the hunt Whisper offers to allow Bold to stay at her earth but bold , bound by his promise to Crow, declines and heads off with his two rats. Once Crow learns about Whisper and why Bold did not go with her he releases Bold from his promise. Whisper and Bold hunt rats again and then head off to Whispers earth. She initially takes pity on him, thinking he was on old crippled fox. This is something bold objects to saying he was "just a young buck". Bold then tells Whisper who his father is and whisper replies that "I'm really honored to know you Bold"

Bold leaves the earth to wander a bit and when he returns he find Whisper trapped in her earth by a dog. Bold get the dog to leave the earth but now the dog is angry at him. Luck for Bold, Crow finds the message he left for him and comes to the rescue. While trying to distract the dog crow is injured but recovers. At this point the dog introduces himself as rollo. To show he's sorry rollo shares his food with Bold, Whisper, and Crow.

Bold next learns that Whisper is carrying his cubs, Something he is very proud of. Whisper then drops a bomb on Bold by telling him she want her cubs borne somewhere safe, She want them borne in White Deer Park. Bold objects, Stating he swore never to go back. He also brings up the point of just how far away it is. Whisper then totally decimates Bold by telling him that the reason she chose him to father her cubs was because they would carry the blood of Fox. Whisper is determined though and bold agrees that the cubs come first. After saying a few last words to Rollo, Bold, Whisper, and Crow head off on there way to white deer park.

While on their journey Whisper falls in love with Bold, His dedication to the yet unborn cubs. Bold finally sees the wisdom in the oat and admits it's the oath that has kept him alive up to this point. Though it's painful to admin, he says his father was right.

In (2x12)Blood Is Thicker Than Water, Bold is visibly malnourished and weak. Bold admits that "I've been helped by so many creatures, its as though I never left the park". They run into Shadow on the way back and she is shocked that they are headed for the park. She asks if Bold will really go back now. Bolds reply is "My cubs will see it", Admitting he dose not expect to live much longer. He says good bye to Shadow and they depart, Headed for the park boarder.

The final episode of Season 2, (2x13)Reconciliation, We see Bold and Whisper at the boarder of White Deer Park. Bold collapses at the fence, Unable to move another step. Whisper goes off to find food, While crow shows up. Bold tells crow he has no intention of entering the park. Crow then asks Bold "Then why did you come all this way". Bold tells him it was for Whisper and the cubs. He tells Crow "I got her here, now my jobs over". He then crawls off to find a place to die, Telling Crow not to tell Whisper were he went. Whisper saddened by Bolds disappearance calls for him a few times and asks for his forgiveness. She gives up though, knowing that she had lost her mate. Bold happy that Whisper was now in the park lay his head down to rest. Crow then offers to bring bold some food, but bold says there is no point in that.

At the end of (2x13)Reconciliation Bold gets his final chance to see his Mother and Father again, Thanks to Crow, Who shows them were Bold is hiding. Upon hearing that Whisper had found Fox and Vixen Bold says "That's all right then", Essentially admitting his work is over and he can now rest. He thanks his father for the news. Fox then tells Bold "Son, I'm sorry I was hard on you. Forgive me. Your the bravest fox I've ever met. I'm proud of you.". Bold then lets out a deep breath and struggles to breath for a moment then dies with his Mother and Father Both crying at his side.


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