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Character bio's.


These cover the animated series only. The books differ in many ways.

This section is being worked on at this time. most sections are incomplete. Please excuse the mess.

From Season 1

-=Fox=- -=Badger=- -=Adder=- -=Mole=-

-=Owl=- -=Weasel=- -=Kestrel=- -=The Pheasants=-

-=The Rabbits=- -=The Hedgehogs=- -=The Squirrels=- -=The Voles=-

-=The Shrews=- -=The Fieldmice=- -=The Newts=- -=Vixen=-

-=Whistler=- -=The Great White Stag.=-


From Season 2

-=Scarface=- -=Lady Blue=- -=Speedy=- -=Measly=-

-=Red Squirrels=- -=Edible Frogs=- -=Warden=- -=Ginger=-

-=Bold=- -=Friendly=- -=Dreamer=- -=Charmer=- -=Whisper=-

-=Ranger=- -=Bounder=- -=Mateless=- -=Paddock=-

-=Stoat=- -=Mossy=- -=Leveret=- -=Shadow=-

-=Rollo=- -=Crow=- -=Butcher Bird=- -=Bruno=-


From Season 3

-=Dash=- -=Cleo=- -=Fido=- -=Plucky=-

-=Hollow=- -=Moth-Eaten Rook=- -=Bully=- -=Spike=- -=Brat=-

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